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County / Area Sponsored Listings

The Marquee Directory

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First County or Area sponsored listing: 80 / Additional County or Area listings are 40 each

Companies list under 3 Counties / Areas linking to both your website and profile webpage

There is a minimum of 3 Counties / Areas for marquee contractors (minimum 160 a year total)


This is a working
example - click on blue link and the photo to see the company
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Field and Lawn Marquees

Field & Lawn

East Mains Industrial Estate, Broxham
Edinburgh, EH52 5NN

Telephone: 01506 857 938

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  Quick Facts for Marquee Contractors:
  1: Marquee-Hire.Info is the most viewed marquee site on the internet (see our visitor stats).

2: We provide advertising and other web based services to over 120 marquee contractor customers.

3: Advertisers receive a free company profile page. This page is important for several reasons including providing a back up when your own website goes down. Most sites experience technical problems at least once a year and it's reassuring to know that most of our advertisers profile pages appear high in the Google search results.

4: Marquee-Hire.Info was established by our parent  marquee company to provide real value for money in internet marketing. We will provide you with more potential customers per 1 spent than any other form of advertising, guaranteed. Quality highly targeted customer traffic and solid bookings.

Q: How can I pay for my listing?
A: You may pay by cheque or bank transfer (we will invoice you in the post).

New advertisers must choose at least 3 counties or areas. The reason for this is that each new profile page and county / area page advert take between 2 and 3 hours work to complete.

Q: When will my business listing be live on the site?
A: We create business listings / advertisements as soon as you have made payment, usually within a week.
Q: How do I provide photographs?
A: There are two ways. After you have completed the booking you can either email us images, or we can lift them directly from your website. See the about us page for our email address (opens in new window).

Images are 225 x 150 pixels for the County Pages and 500 pixels wide for your company profile page; however, you can provide any size of images provided they are 'landscape' and JPG or JPEG files. We will web optimise and re-size the images for you.

Companies are welcome to submit up to 5 photos.
Q: How long will my business listing be displayed?
A: All listings are for 12 months and we will invoice you for the second year after the first 12 months.
Q: How many enquiries will I get?
A: This depends on how many counties you list under. For an example, one of our marquee advertisers received over 4,300 referrals last year.